Front Door – Secure entry Door system. Key Safe.

Your key opens the outside door at the base of the Stone steps, should you go out to the car please ensure you have a key with you as doors are self locking on closing . The Patio door has the same system and the key for this door is on your bedside table. 
Unfortunately there will be a charge for keys that are lost of £50.00 as locks will have to be changed The outside lighting is light sensor and will come on at dusk for your safety. 

Cleaning Procedures

Your room has been cleaned under the Cov’d guidelines using gloves and PPE equipment to ensure your safety at all times. anti-bacterial cleaning and hand sanitiser are provided for you .
All your notifications regarding appliances have been laminated so that they may be cleaned for the next guest.

Spring Water

The property is serviced by a private spring water supply. The water comes through a filter and UV Filter before entering the house.

The Garden Area

The lawn area in front of the accommodation is designated for use of both annexes and garden patio table and chairs are provided. Please ensure children are supervised and do not climb on the stones walls or leave this area. This is a working farm and we ask parents to ensure the children do not enter the buildings or fields unless following the public footpaths.

Car Parking

Guests are asked to make sure their vehicles are locked as we are situated on a Public Footpath. Please leave the front square for Mobility Guests.

Emergency Procedure

Emergency procedure during the night or you require assistance you are asked to ring the telephone 01434 674661. In the event of Fire the internal smoke alarms will sound. You are asked to vacate the premises by the nearest Exit and meet at the Signpost in the Car Park area. All windows have safety catches. To open to full width in an emergency open as normal and then press release in the bottom of the window frame allowing maximum opening. The emergency lighting will lock in at the top of the external stairs.

Vacating Room

We would be grateful if you would vacate your room by 10 .00 a.m. on the day of your departure. 
Please bag your rubbish and put out into bin at end of Gin Gan. 
Help us by putting your bed linen and towels into the laundry bag provided to assist us with our Cov’d cleaning policy.


May we remind Guests that we are a Non Smoking establishment and would appreciate that if they wish to smoke, to go outside the property.

Pets are not permitted.

Facilities in the Area you may require

From a MOBILE, please key 112